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I apologize for the delay in my posting. It took me a few more days to wrap my head around these last eight weeks. It is hard to believe our Body Well group started on September 14, 2020 and concluded on Monday, November 9th. We started once the school year kicked off and it has felt like we have experienced all four seasons in between then and now. There was so much uncertainty around the beginning of the school year. I was thankful for this...

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FIT4MOM Grand Rapids is offering a Body Well Holiday Mini Session! Sign up by Friday, November 6, for $10 off!

Body Well does a great job of challenging your beliefs and habits each week while supporting and encouraging growth. This past week’s challenge was based around sleep. I knew I had this one in the bag! I can nap anywhere and at any time in the day....

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Alright fellow Mamas, it is week six of Body Well and I have to say I have an established workout routine! It has not been easy and it has taken more time than I would like to admit; however, I am closing those exercise rings on a regular basis! (Anyone else motivated by their personal activity trackers? E.g. Apple watch, Fitbit, Garmin, etc.) I attend FIT4MOM Zoom classes and then run as part of the FIT4MOM Run Group. I figure if I can...

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FIT4MOM came into my life after the birth of my second child. As most mothers, I wanted to lose some of the pregnancy weight. I did a summer Body Back session and fell in love. The coach was supportive and the comradery of mothers demonstrated to me that I was missing something I didn’t even know existed. I did a few more classes but was not able to attend once I went back to my work schedule. I continued to follow their Instagram and...

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I unexpectedly had some time this weekend sans kids. I had some errands to run and was able to fly solo for an unprecedented amount of time. Is it just me or do you do a double take when you look in the backseat and see empty car seats? It’s like a slight panic and then sweet relief. It felt eerie and WONDERFUL. Sunday afternoon, I was not a mother. I was just a woman- walking around Target not buying groceries.

You know what aisle...

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Monday morning- it seemed like everywhere I looked in the house there were things that needed to be done. Dishes in the sink, laundry in the baskets, unfinished homework assignments, unordered groceries and Cheerio-filled car seats and couch cushions. Monday morning rolled around and I considered dropping out of my virtual Stroller Strides class. I was up thanks to my children who are early risers. How does a night owl have early birds? It...

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This week’s challenge was to eat those leafy greens. I realized that I am far from the amount that the striped shirt sailor would guzzle in one gulp. I had major guilt shopping for my greens this week since I have bought those plastic containers from Costco or Meijer only to have them go wilty and liquidy. Yes….liquid greens. It’s not a new health kick. Ugh, the money I spent! With each new purchase, I had high hopes of blending them into...

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We are so excited to be launching our first session of Body Well and even more excited about learning about the experience through the eyes of one of our clients, Christen! Follow us on social media to hear about Christen's journey during the next few weeks of Body Well.


Body Well: Week 1

This week I went back to the...

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We are so excited to be welcoming Body Well to FIT4MOM Grand Rapids! We have never believed moms need to get their "body back" after pregnancy which is why FIT4MOM is evolving our Body Back program and changing the name to Body Well. Wellness comes in all shapes and sizes; at all ages and stages of motherhood. Nourishing your maternal mental and physical health is more important than ever. At FIT4MOM, we celebrate moms' sense of self-worth,...

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To our FIT4MOM community and mamahood sisterhood,

Our nation has seen an awakening in recent months due to the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor along with many others. I find myself in an awakening as well.

These last few months have been a hard time. I have taken the time to reflect and feel all the feels. I have realized that my life until now has been seen through stained glasses. I have been given...

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In the spring of 2009, I was sitting in the library studying for my finals. Typical of a college senior, I was finding it hard to focus on my work knowing that in a few short weeks I would be graduating and moving on to the next phase of my life. The hangup for me, however, was that I wasn’t quite sure what that next phase entailed. I would be graduating with an exercise science degree, which could lead me in many different directions. I...

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“Do you ever feel sad and mad and happy and frustrated all at the same time, Mama?”

My eight (and a half) year old posed this question to me sometime during the first couple weeks of this whole situation our state/country/world finds itself currently in. I’ve always felt he was a bit of an old soul with his ability to recognize his own and other people’s emotions fairly quickly.

“Absolutely, buddy,” I responded. “I feel that way...

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Coloring is always an easy, go-to activity for all ages and FIT4MOM has created a packet of fun coloring pages! Download the PDF below and start creating!

Enjoying this activity?? Tag us on social media so we can see what you've been up to!

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Instagram: @fit4momgr

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So...this has been an interesting end of winter/start of spring, huh? Does anyone else kind of feel like this is a dream (nightmare?) or a movie or something other than our real lives? Are we living in an alternate reality? I am certainly full of more questions than answers these days, unless your question is, "Do you think self-isolation and social distancing is a good thing right now?" is which case I have a solid answer: YES.


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As a child, did you ever look at adults and think they just had it all figured out and that their lives must be so easy because they are making all the decisions? Man, oh man. How wrong is that? It's laughable, right? I mean, don't get me wrong. There are certainly perks to adulthood (eating dessert whenever I want is top of the list, of course). But it's definitely not this fantasy dream land. You don't hit a certain age and BAM!...