FIT4MOM GR Holiday Gift Guide - Mom Edition

Your FIT4MOM Grand Rapids Team has come together to great mom and kids gift guide. There is something for every mom and every kid on here so be sure to check it out!


Yoga Towel

Mat Carrier


Sarah Johns:

Ugg Slippers

Sourdough Bread Bow Knife

Sourdough Bread Lame

Cozy Mittens

Waffle Shirt

Sarah Greidanus:

Heatless Curlers

Flower Subscription (new arrangement each month, check your local flower shop if they do this!

Throw Blanket

Steam Cleaner


Support a sea-turtle

Personal Rise Garden

Quince Waffle Robe


Ugg Look-a-like

Custom Bracelet

Michael Kors Purse


Apple Watch Bands

Spa Day with Childcare provided (check your local spa Ethos or Design One are great options)

Lomi Composter


Blow Dryer

Half-zip Pullover

Yoga Pants

If you are still struggling for ideas for yourself. Don't forget you can ask for your FIT4MOM Membership to be gifted! You can email Sarah to get it all set up for you.

Also check out our Partners for some great gift ideas for moms:

- Gold Coast Doulas

- Ada Pharmacy

- Coffee Clubhouse (great for moms and kids)

- Lima Candles