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A Body Well Journey: Week 8

November 14, 2020Christen

I apologize for the delay in my posting. It took me a few more days to wrap my head around these last eight weeks. It is hard to believe our Body Well group started on September 14, 2020 and concluded on Monday, November 9th. We started once the school year kicked off and it has felt like we have experienced all four seasons in between then and now. There was so much uncertainty around the beginning of the school year. I was thankful for this consistent schedule. My workouts remain on my son’s daily schedule of Zooms. I cannot miss my meetings, just like he has to attend for school! I was so excited for our final call in and to hear all the celebrations. Unfortunately, dressed in my workout clothes, I stretched out on the couch at 8:00pm. When my husband nudged me at 10:30pm to go to bed, I was in disbelief. I slept through my Zoom!

I did my measurements solo over the next few days and even though I was sure I didn’t make significant progress, I am pleased with my results. Although I didn’t overhaul my eating habits as I had hoped, I do have a lot to celebrate. The only “final” assessment I have not “formally” completed is the optional 1 mile run. I have proof (previous Apple watch recorded runs) that this has improved. At the beginning of the course, I was running over a thirteen minute mile. I know I am down to under 13 minutes! It wasn’t a full minute faster but it has been close! I know when I started running again, way back when, I was closer to 14/15 minutes per mile. The actual numbers do not matter as much as the fact that after 5 years, I have the stamina to go on short runs again. I am so excited for the upcoming FIT4MOM run and the accountability the additional run club has provided. With the variety of programming, there is always a class or group that works with every Mama.

The number on the scale did not move much; however, I was pleased with the inches lost overall. I was also pleased that over the last 8 weeks, I did not gain weight. (This was a big accomplishment as I tend to have a larger sweet tooth when things get stressful. I also am home all the time now since transitioning to being a SAHM. The kitchen can be too close some days! ) In September, we took beginning measurements of chest, waist, hips and thighs. These are so important. If you do a Body Well program, do not skip these! If I would have just measured by the scale, I would not have seen all my hard work pay off. I lost 5.5 inches off my body over the course of these 8 weeks. I improved in my jump squats, pushups and I can hold a better form of a plank for the minute assessment. (My hips are actually down and not in the air!)

I know HOW to cook nutritious food and I have the FIT4MOM Fall online cookbook and other recommended blogs to grab nutrient-rich, whole food recipes. These recipe books are seasonal! Cooking by seasons is so fresh and cost effective! My kids love to join me in the kitchen as I cook. One of my kids developed a love of beans. Both of my kids tell me everyday that they want to exercise. They stretch and squat like they have seen me do in the living room and outside the window. They run up and down the street with me on my run days. We laugh and play catch. These are priceless moments that cannot be measured on the scale. I have the energy to be active with my kids and to show them the benefits of exercise and health. I am so grateful for this program and the mindset shift it has provided. I know that my Body Well journey is not complete. This was a launching point and I will continue to improve and be my best self. I have found a community of Mamas that are encouraging and powerful. They are in the trenches and recognize the emotional, mental and physical costs of Motherhood.

I could go on and on with praises for this program. It met me exactly where I was at (stressed out during a pandemic, transitioning from work to SAHM) and came alongside me to support and highlight my own strengths. Our Coach, Marissa, sent me a card at the conclusion and it mentioned the fact that I was not the same person I was that began in the summer. I couldn't agree more. I am a BETTER person with resources to care for myself, the desire to improve my health, and the encouragement and motivation of a community to do both. Be careful, Mamas, Body Well is a game changer.