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So...this has been an interesting end of winter/start of spring, huh? Does anyone else kind of feel like this is a dream (nightmare?) or a movie or something other than our real lives? Are we living in an alternate reality? I am certainly full of more questions than answers these days, unless your question is, "Do you think self-isolation and social distancing is a good thing right now?" is which case I have a solid answer: YES.

It should come as no surprise that these changes to daily life have taken me down my usual introspective, analytical path, especially when it comes to figuring out how to navigate all of this in the healthiest manner possible for myself. I know many people find comfort in information. A steady stream of updated content helps them feel more in control and prepared for what might be ahead.

I am not that person.

You know how athletes train for big events? Apparently I've been mentally training for this for the last couple years because everything I have learned about how to function in the healthiest manner possible is coming in handy right about now. Does that mean I'm super chipper and calm all the time? Heck no. But I am very aware when something isn't working and make it a priority to change it.

My current self-isolation mental health prescription?

  • Stay consistent with my Vitamin D & Vitamin B complex (refilled with my chiropractor/functional medicine doctor last week so I don't run out)
  • Maintain my current workout schedule (Thank goodness for the FIT4MOM Grand Rapids virtual studio!)
  • No Instagram while the kids are awake (offload it from my phone every morning) & minimal Facebook use, aside from FIT4MOM content (because so many people think they're experts right now)
  • No reading the news (I get that this one is pretty extreme, but my anxiety gets through the roof with even the slightest bit of reading, so I either ask my husband if I'm curious about something or he informs me of things he thinks I'd like/need to know about.) Someone else said that they stop reading the news two hours before going to bed and I think that's a great option, too.
  • Get outside, get outside, get outside! (Just stay a safe distance from other people, of course.) Here's an awesome list of kid-friendly hiking trails in our area!

How are YOU doing? All of our COVID-19 experiences are going to look a bit different---many are either working outside jobs from home and/or have a spouse who is, some are currently not working their outside job, maybe some are still going to their job and not able to isolate. I can't help but think about the now famous phrase from Frozen 2: "Do the next right thing." What can we be doing right now that is the right decision for us, for our family, for our country & world? I can't tell you what to do, but I do beg of you to make your decisions based on the greater good, not your temporary discomfort.

Support each other. Support small businesses. Take care of yourself. (And definitely join us for virtual classes, playgroups, and Moms Night In while we wait out this storm!)

Until next time.