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More Than We Realize

I'm a holiday nut. Seriously. I love holidays. I love decorating for each season. I love the opportunity to set a cozy mood in my home and love that my boys enjoy getting out the bins of decor and finding just the right spot for each item. It's one of those things that I never realized I would be thankful for. But I am. And I think that's true for a lot of us. So many of these random moments are where a truly grateful, thankful life is created.

Now, before you get concerned, no, I'm not going to start going on and on about how you need to enjoy every moment and be thankful for all of it because one day our kids will be grown ups and we'll wish for these days again. Sure, there's truth to some of that. I think we WILL wish for these days again but we certainly won't wish for all of these days. I won't wish for the weeks of my newborn baby screaming due to reflux. I won't wish for potty training days. I won't wish for the days where I was never physically alone yet felt so very lonely.

What if we start focusing on the moments instead of the days? Sometimes it's so easy to remember the tough moments, when in retrospect there were actually far more good than bad. Did your child sit in your lap to read a book? Be thankful for that. Did your kids eat supper without bickering? Be thankful for that. Did you and your spouse go out on a date or watch a movie together? Be thankful for that. I'm constantly reminding myself that a truly thankful life does not equal a life where everything has gone our way. Life can be really hard, sometimes of our own making but often times not. But there is so much good in our lives, probably more than we realize.

What are you thankful for today?

I'll start--money to buy groceries, being able to drive my son to school every day, Aldi FINALLY carrying good laundry detergent, the return of Starbucks holiday drinks, and a weekend away with my family.

And FIT4MOM Grand Rapids, of course. :-)