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Is the glass half full or half empty?

Is 2019 already halfway over, so you should just forget about your ideas for the year or do you still have half of the year to accomplish many things?

Sometimes I feel like the last six months flew by, but then I remember all that has happened and I remember the days and weeks that felt like they were an eternity long. Time has a way of playing with our perspective, doesn't it? This year has been one of the hardest and one of the best. And it's only halfway done. How is that possible?! It has gone nothing like I expected, that's for sure!

To celebrate the halfway point of 2019, I'm revisiting the post I wrote back in January about my hopes for the year ahead. Here is the list I shared of what I wanted to focus on this year:

  • Did I care for my loved ones & myself well?
  • A true sense of self--beyond my faith & family, what am I truly passionate about?
  • How did I pursue what I am passionate about to positively impact the lives of others?
  • What did I do that was uncomfortable, yet important in me being the person God has created me to be?
  • In a social media-drenched world of opinions & voices, was my voice encouraging or hurtful? Was it life-giving or draining?

I'll be honest. Reading through these thoughts is a bit emotional for me. I mean, I'm a crier to begin with (Anyone watched "The Holiday" with Cameron Diaz & Jude Law? "Well, I cry all the time. A good book, a great film, a birthday card, I weep. I'm a major weeper.") but when I originally wrote those words, I had no idea what was in store for me. Well, none of us know what tomorrow will bring, do we? You know those days/weeks/months in your life that you know are going to become pivotal points in your story line--"Oh, yeah, that happened before ______." "Don't you remember? That was 2 months after____." Know what I mean? That's how I feel about the last six months.

Anyway, back to the questions I posed to myself at the beginning of the year. I've always found it so intriguing how a song, a question, a book, a quote can strike such different chords depending on what life currently looks like. I could give "answers" to some of the questions above right now but the thing is...2019 is only halfway done. My responses at the end of the year could be even different than now. They probably will be! I think that's the wild thing about time and perspective and life. Sometimes we're too quick to assume a situation or a person or an outcome without giving adequate time to become what it's meant to be. Does that make sense? I guess what I'm trying to say is that so many times, in the midst of a situation, it can be so hard to see the whole picture. It can be so challenging to have a healthy, fair perspective because we're in the middle of A LOT. So...I'm going to be fair to myself and fair to whatever crazy journey this is that God has in store for 2019 and come back to you again with these questions in six more months to see what this year of life ended up teaching me.

Take it as a challenge from me to not back down from whatever goals or dreams or hopes you had for 2019, We're only halfway done with the year--still an entire half to go.

Until next time.