Meet Our Village Monday: Sarah

It's time for a revival, everybody. A revival of an oldie but a goodie--one of my favorite features from the past. Oh, the suspense, right?? We're bringing back....Meet Our Village Monday! *praise hands* *fist bump* *applause* (Yes, I did just type that out. You laughed. Admit it.)

Many of you may be thinking, "What is Meet Our Village Monday and why are you so excited?" Meet Our Village Monday is a blog series that features all of YOU. We started it a couple years ago as #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) and then it morphed into Meet Our Village Monday. It has been a fun way to get to know a bit more about the wonderful ladies in our group and I'm excited to start it back up again!

Today we're excited to be featuring the fantastic Sarah Padlo! Enjoy learning more about her today!

How long have you been with FIT4MOM?

Since last fall

In what way(s) have you participated in FIT4MOM (Fit4Baby, Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, BodyBack)?

Mostly Stroller Strides but I have made it to a few barre classes.

Tell us about your family.

I am a stay at home mom who also helps others to bridge their nutritional gaps. My husband does outside sales. We have two awesome kids-- Roman who is 3 and River who is 16 months. We also have two dogs and a cat.

What is one thing you love about Stroller Strides/Stroller Barre/Fit4Baby/ BodyBack?

I love the ability to work at your own level with other moms that are at the same stage in life. It's great have a group of moms to share in your challenges and victories of motherhood.

Favorite exercise?

This past summer I have gotten into running but I would say for class, squats always make me feel stronger.

Favorite food?

I am a sugar junky, chocolate, ice cream, it's all good. Just doesn't make me feel very good later.

What are some things you like to do outside of exercising and being a mom?

I've really gotten interested in whole food nutrition and helping others learn about it as well.

What do you do for work or what did you do before baby?

I used to work at a vet clinic as an exam room tech. Before that, I trained horses for 10 years.

Have you played any sports in the past or what sport would you like to learn?

I was always working with horses so never had time for sports but this summer I started running 5ks and hope to do a 10k in October.

What is a piece of advice you can pass on to fellow moms?

Get out of the house! It is hard to do at first and your kids might resist having to sit through class but it's important to show them Mom is a person too. It also is a great example to your children that exercise is an important part of being healthy.

Thank you for being part of our community, Sarah! We appreciate you so much!