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Journeying Towards Better

It feels like there are two times of year where there is an extra desire to clean up our act--beginning of the calendar year and beginning of the school year. "Cleaning up your act" could mean literally cleaning your house or could mean establishing some healthier habits or...who knows...everyone has their own ideas of what it takes to create a more positive life. This concept is also really fluid. Your current life stage and experiences will absolutely influence what types of "cleaning up" you may feel the need for. And maybe you don't even feel the need! When my boys were younger and more dependent on me, it was all about survivial, man. Organizing my pantry? Wallpapering my half bathroom? In the words of Randy Jackson, that's a no from me, dawg. More cooking from scratch and buying better food? Yeah, I maybe could have handled that, but I'm not kidding about survival. If it wasn't within the top five things on my list, it just wasn't a priority for me and I refused to feel shame or guilt about that. What matters is that the most important things within that specific season were addressed and focused on and now I'm in a different season, addressing the most important things. It is impossible for us to do everything all the time. I used to think I was great at multitasking and then I realized that while I could do many things at once, I wasn't doing any of the things well. Once I started to focus on singular tasks, I remember being amazed with how quickly I could complete something that had my full attention. Sometimes multitasking can't be avoided (Hello, mom of young kids!), but it was definitely an interesting insight into realistic expectations for myself in a world that seems to be pushing us to hustle and do more and be all the things and wear all the hats.

So...where have I cleaned up my act recently? I made some major food changes back in September with the guidance of a functional medicine doctor and thought it might be fun/interesting to share some of my favorites that made the transition easier! Thankfully after four months of eliminating a multitude of things, I am feeling significantly better and have been able to add some food groups back into my diet in small amounts.

(Let me preface all of this with I am NOT a doctor and my nutrition changes were all science-based. My functional medicine doctor (Dr. Theresa Osmer, if you're curious!) is incredible and she analyzed a full blood work panel plus a detailed health/symptom survey to come up with a plan that would work specifically for me.)


Tessemae's & Primal Kitchen condiments and sauces

Alexia organic fries

Theo dark chocolate (85%)


Vegan & grain free brownies w/ peanut butter

Dairy free mac & cheese

Healthy chicken fingers

Random items I've switched to within the last year:

Charcoal air purifying bags (They work SO well!)

Shea Moisture African Black Soap

Young House Love post about "woo woo" skin care :-)

If you happen to try out any of these products or recipes, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time.