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(Church) Moments

Ever have a moment where you are fully aware that you are exactly where you need to be at that exact time in life?

My mind calls those moments "Church moments". Why? Well, it's when I sense God in an unexpected way or setting. Or maybe not even unexpected but in places that aren't your stereotype "places of worship" (aka a church building). I know we have all had these types of moments, though I know not everyone's beliefs would label them in the way that I do. Moments of clarity? Holy moments? I'm an over analyzer, so let's be real. Most of you probably don't even feel a need to label it like I do. :-) It's those points in time where you are so strongly, deep-down-in-your-soul reminded that there is good in life, that there is good in this world. A time where you are in full awareness and acknowledgement that this life is so much bigger than yourself. At different stages of life, these moments can look and feel different. My most recent one? At a concert a week ago (Judah & the Lion, if you care--SO GOOD) with my husband and hundreds of strangers, singing and dancing and feeling so free and so inspired. I've also experience Church Moments at the beach, while walking down a busy city street, sitting at a bonfire with my family, listening to music in my kitchen (and most concerts that I attend---music just does something special to my soul.)

It's time like this that remind me I am a great many things.

I'm a wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister.

I attend church and I attend folk/hip-hop/rock shows.

I drink a shot of aloe juice every morning and I love Taco Bell.

I love being with my family and friends and I love being alone.

You get what I'm saying. We aren't limited to being either/or. We can be, and are, both/and. I'm finding that the more I embrace my "both/and", the more I am aware of the Church Moments happening in my life. I truly believe there is so much more good than bad, more light than darkness, more same than different and how can I translate that into how I live my every day life? I make things more complicated than they need to be when, in reality, it's probably much simpler than I think. I can buy coffee for the person in line behind me or mail a "Just Because" card to a friend. I can make my husband's favorite dessert when he's had a hard week at work or hold the door open for a stranger.

Who knows? Maybe those moments will become someone else's Church Moment.

Until next time.