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A Body Well Journey: Week 7

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Body Well does a great job of challenging your beliefs and habits each week while supporting and encouraging growth. This past week’s challenge was based around sleep. I knew I had this one in the bag! I can nap anywhere and at any time in the day. No mental energy needed to find success this week!

As always, there were still challenges. One of the topics we discussed on our weekly Zoom call was establishing a bedtime routine. Even though I can nap anywhere and anytime, I don’t have a routine. I then followed the “trickle down” method and realized that my kids don’t really have one either. As we discussed the topic as a group, there was complete understanding of where we all were in our parenting journeys. Some Mamas had older kids that had bedtimes that allowed them to wind down in a quiet house. Others of us are in the trenches and either navigate children in the bedroom alongside us (group bedtimes!) or make multiple trips back and forth through the night. We also discussed the long nights of nursing and/or pumping. To the Mamas in this stage, it is okay if this time in the wee hours of the night is not always a quiet magical moment with your infant. I had a December baby so the first few nights were magical as we sat by the tree and could watch the snow fall. After the Christmas tree came down, I had feelings of isolation and like I was the only one awake while the world slept. You can disregard my recommendations and do what you need to do to get through the night! Pray, read a book, scroll or watch a little Netflix to get through those hours with your sanity. May I recommend "Emily in Paris" on Netflix?

When I was younger, we did pajamas, bathroom, teeth and bed. I do not think we had long routines because my parents were exhausted too. I did a little research and the main recommendations were to be consistent with bedtimes and wake times. They recommended warm baths and proper hygiene habits (I.e. bathroom, brushing teeth, medication, etc),a light snack, cozy bedroom environments, comfortable sleeping attire, bedtime stories and a darkened room. (Some ideas from For the most part, I was finding success-- except for the part where you limit screen time ½-1 hour before bedtime. Ugh, I tend to get the household to bed and then stay up and binge a little Netflix to chill before I crash. This week I put a few books on the bedside table and also put my crochet project in my room. I felt a little like my grandma but she might have been on to something. (Although she also slept with a bar of soap near her feet to help with charlie horses?!?!)

According to a Harvard Health study, blue light that is emitted from our phones/computers suppresses the secretion of Melatonin. All light does this; however, blue light is the worst offender. This interruption to our sleep can lead to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. (

As I write this post, I am already in my pajamas. The kids have had their baths and are enjoying playtime in the living room. I was going to watch more of the election; however, I am going to follow my newly established habit and call it a night. I set my watch to prompt me for my bedtime and my alarm is set for tomorrow. I am aiming for 7-8 hours, with probably a few interruptions. If you are reading this at night, consider this your message to stop the scrolling and get some sleep. You will thank me tomorrow. If you are reading this while nursing a babe, hang in there, Mama. You got this. I promise. G’night Mamas.