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A Body Well Journey: Week 6

Alright fellow Mamas, it is week six of Body Well and I have to say I have an established workout routine! It has not been easy and it has taken more time than I would like to admit; however, I am closing those exercise rings on a regular basis! (Anyone else motivated by their personal activity trackers? E.g. Apple watch, Fitbit, Garmin, etc.) I attend FIT4MOM Zoom classes and then run as part of the FIT4MOM Run Group. I figure if I can establish this routine during COVID-19, it has to stick!

I am also learning how to make basic broth-based bean soups for dinner that are quick and easy. Granted, I cannot bribe my 5 year old to eat them but my nearly 3 year old will pick out and eat the beans. I am calling ¾ of the family a win! I take either veggie or chicken broth and then throw in what I have available. Some ideas from the last two weeks: white (Northern) beans, black beans, corn, mushrooms, carrots, celery, onion, spinach. I also add in an immeasurable amount (eyeball it) of salsa. I’ve used mild corn & bean or even mild salsa verde. It adds enough “seasoning” to keep it interesting. This week Tuesday, I dumped everything into the soup pot and started it when my husband came home from work. I went out the door for a run and when I came back it’s ready!

With those accomplishments, I should be thrilled with my progress. I am regularly exercising and finding ways to make healthy meals for my family while juggling all of my other responsibilities. I’m feeling stronger and am actually able to run after a multiple year hiatus. But the scale is not moving. I still notice all my flaws in pictures. I still need to work on breakfasts and lunches. I have not quit my sugar addiction or worked harder at curbing my sweet tooth. I’m still not drinking enough water. The reasons for how I am “failing” can sometimes outweigh my progress.

Why don’t I give myself any credit? If one of my girlfriends called me up and told me she was feeling great and running again, I would be cheering her on. If she was telling me what she made for dinner, I would be asking for her recipes. This brings me to Week 6’s challenge, self-compassion. Gah! This week was hard. It was assuring to hear that it was not just me who wanted to go back to leafy greens this week instead of writing daily affirmations to ourselves. My Type A personality usually pushes harder in my own head and leaves grace for other people. Monitoring my self-talk was eye opening. I am my worst critic. Other people can make mistakes or need help but I should have it all together. (When I don’t have it all together, then it feels even worse!) Which is why I felt horrible when Sarah texted and asked about my blog. I had completely forgotten. I went down the self critical path until Sarah’s text assured me it happened to us both. Then I practiced last week’s theme and extended myself a little grace. Try it this week, Mama. How can you give yourself a little grace, even if it’s just changing the words in your own mind.