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A Body Well Journey: Week 5

FIT4MOM came into my life after the birth of my second child. As most mothers, I wanted to lose some of the pregnancy weight. I did a summer Body Back session and fell in love. The coach was supportive and the comradery of mothers demonstrated to me that I was missing something I didn’t even know existed. I did a few more classes but was not able to attend once I went back to my work schedule. I continued to follow their Instagram and Facebook pages. The online village of previous members is like crowdsourcing but everyone is a MOTHER. Talk about answers in a matter of minutes!

Then COVID-19 hit. Like many families, our family had to make some difficult decisions around careers, childcare and school. I made the difficult decision to leave my teaching career and assist my kids through virtual school. I didn’t anticipate how lonely it would be. I was used to classrooms of kids, multiple coworkers and parents at pick-up and drop-off.

It was around May that I saw a special on FIT4MOM’s Facebook. It was the usual try a class for free (which I completely recommend) but also offered prorated charge for the remaining month of May. I signed up and began to Zoom. Nearly every day other mothers and the coaches entered my living room or joined me on my front porch. They sang and danced and didn’t flinch when my kids were losing their minds on screen. Sarah even hosted Zoom “Mom Chats” to fold our laundry and chat with other mamas. Her support was appreciated in these early COVID-19 days. She won’t admit it because she is a wonderful person but one of those Zoom meetings consisted of my children losing their minds over a fly. We laughed our way through a “fly hunt.” Sarah will always be my hero for hanging on with me.

May turned into June and then we were closing out summer. I’ve been able to attend more sessions because of my schedule and the virtual component. Do not think for one second that if it’s virtual it will be easy. Virtual classes make me sweat more than I ever did at the gym! I was a completely satisfied customer working through the classes and then I signed up for Body Well. So much life changing information packed into 8 weeks.

Then this past week’s announcement: FIT4MOM Grand Rapids was starting a run group! WHAT?!?! I have not really “ran” since my first child was born. There have been many attempts but I haven’t really been motivated. Running is hard. FIT4MOM’s Strides 360 added some running minutes into my workouts. I began to feel that if I could run for this shorter time frame then maybe I could go a little longer. At the beginning of Body Well there was an optional assessment to run a mile. We are at week 6 and I have shaved off nearly 2 minutes from my beginning time. My endurance has increased too! These are accomplishments that are not scale related but I am so proud! For the first time this year, I ran a 5K. It was in a time that would not qualify me for anything; however, I am so proud that my legs and feet were ready for the challenge. I can take my stress back out to the pavement! FIT4MOM gave me a community, a stronger self (physically and emotionally), a band of mothers who love to sweat (and run) and a sense of who I was before kids. I am a runner again and can’t wait until our race in November. See you on the road!