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A Body Well Journey: Week 4

I unexpectedly had some time this weekend sans kids. I had some errands to run and was able to fly solo for an unprecedented amount of time. Is it just me or do you do a double take when you look in the backseat and see empty car seats? It’s like a slight panic and then sweet relief. It felt eerie and WONDERFUL. Sunday afternoon, I was not a mother. I was just a woman- walking around Target not buying groceries.

You know what aisle always calls to me? The home and office organization aisles. I dream of streamlined systems and swoon at office supplies. Planners call to me with the promise of finally getting my act together and making sure I am on top of it all. (Even though my current planner will tell a different story. I am so organized I have an electronic and a paper planner.)

Body Well gives you a planner. At first, I thought that I just filled it out as I ate. This was not too difficult, albeit a little humbling to write everything down. I then learned; however, that I was supposed to fill it out at the BEGINNING of the week. I was literally supposed to PLAN my week instead of WINGING it and hoping for the best. The planner put me in charge and not our hectic schedules. At the start of a new week, it has you plan breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and workouts. I completed my intention challenge on the FIT4MOM app and wrote those down in my planner. If I noticed that I couldn’t make it to class due to a schedule conflict, I was able to plan to watch a recorded video or go walking/running to meet my movement goals. I could even write down the times to keep me on track. I used the back of the page to write out my grocery list so I could ensure I had everything for the week ahead.

I am a work in progress. I did not necessarily complete or eat everything that I planned. There were a number of cross outs last week with last minute substitutions. I did give myself credit for when I stuck to my plan. It’s mentally very rewarding to give yourself a star! I will also admit my planner is not filled out yet for this week. I’m going to sit down with it during naptime today. Groceries will be Shipt and I will be back on track tomorrow. The planner setup is easy to remember. You can always draw the boxes and come back to home base with this practice. Maybe it is the simple things that make us feel the best.