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A Body Well Journey: Week 3

Monday morning- it seemed like everywhere I looked in the house there were things that needed to be done. Dishes in the sink, laundry in the baskets, unfinished homework assignments, unordered groceries and Cheerio-filled car seats and couch cushions. Monday morning rolled around and I considered dropping out of my virtual Stroller Strides class. I was up thanks to my children who are early risers. How does a night owl have early birds? It does not seem fair. I could sit with my coffee a little longer. I would ease into the morning and get us “even more” set up for our virtual classroom meetings. (Is this even possible?) We’d have our materials out, organized and ready with no need to scramble. (I’m a Type A- we are talking about Kindergarten here. The need for organization is minimal.) Instead of thinking what I could do with those 60 minutes, I began to think what it would “cost me” to NOT attend.

I am not Dutch; however, I do love to save rather than spend. I have been that way my whole life. I set a “cost goal” every month. I take the price of the All Access Virtual Membership and divide it by any live or recorded classes I attend during the month. My goal is always to get it down to less than a coffee at Starbucks. We are on a tight budget this year since I am staying home. I am brewing my own coffee every morning to cut costs so I can allocate them elsewhere (like my workouts). Less than a coffee means I am right on track! It also keeps me accountable to attending or logging in to watch a recorded class. I live for the monthly intention challenge as it makes me schedule my workouts each day for the entire month. It is on the calendar and planned! Also I love FIT4MOM GR's library of recorded classes. You can be a fangirl and meet all of the instructors since they are local. The Mom’s Morning/Evening Outs are scheduled and posted in the virtual Facebook group. Let’s just say I’m trying to arrange a sitter to attend this month’s activities!

I would have lost the opportunity to get my sweat on outside. Monday was brisk but it felt good to have a reason to be outside breathing in the air. I don’t think I would have gone outside until later in the afternoon. I am guilty of ending the day with the realization I hadn’t made it out of the walls of the house once. Yikes. I send my kids outside to play, why don’t I send myself?

I would have given up the chance to get a little jog in. During one of the cardio bursts I knew the move would bother my ol’ lady hip so I modified the activity and just took a jog up and down the sidewalk. (Do you know you can tell your FIT4MOM coaches if you are nursing any injury and they can suggest alternative moves to still give you a great workout without the pain?) I also caught a glimpse of my daughter through my living room window. She was watching me workout and was mimicking my words. I am changing and setting the tone for my family to value movement and exercise. When I came back inside she ran laps like “Mama.” (She also secretly loves the music Ms. Sarah plays!)

I would have lost moments of conversation. It was a small class but I felt so heard as we talked about virtual and home school triumphs and tribulations. It wasn’t a long chat but recognition that we were in the trenches together. #StrengthinMotherhood

Lastly, the class ended with the endorphins and I was proud that I had attended and got my workout checked off my never ending to-do list. Although in Body Boost we learn to have only THREE Most Important Things (MIT’s) on our list. It gives a sense of accomplishment when it is achievable. I posted my sweaty selfie to our Body Well accountability group and gave a toast to myself with 16oz of water.