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A Body Well Journey: Week 2

This week’s challenge was to eat those leafy greens. I realized that I am far from the amount that the striped shirt sailor would guzzle in one gulp. I had major guilt shopping for my greens this week since I have bought those plastic containers from Costco or Meijer only to have them go wilty and liquidy. Yes….liquid greens. It’s not a new health kick. Ugh, the money I spent! With each new purchase, I had high hopes of blending them into delicious smoothies or eating them for breakfast scrambled in eggs.

Armed with a few tricks I learned from my FIT4MOM BodyWell group, I purchased another box. Do you know there is a private Facebook accountability group that you have access to during Body Well? These ladies (and your Coach) are committed to the 8 weeks just like you! It is a Godsend on this journey. Need a recipe idea? Need motivation? Want accountability to get out the door and make it to your workout? Your group members are there!

I won’t disclose the creative geniuses in my group but their ideas and recipes were on point this week. If you are like me and purchase a Costco-size bag of Spinach (with all the good intentions) and you realize early on that you will not get through it before it looks like bile, freeze it! One of the girls noted that she splits the bag in half. She puts some in a Ziplock bag and stashes it in her freezer for upcoming smoothies. Her hint was to try and get as much air out of the bag as you can when you seal it. She also noted that the Spinach left at the end of the week is best used for smoothies. Blend that up! No need to eat soggy Spinach. There are lots of delicious smoothie recipes that cover the taste of Spinach in the Body Well recipe book.

I had a winning moment this week regarding breakfast. I often let my reptilian brain take over and just grab whatever is available first thing in the morning. I have tried the Body Well overnight oats but sometimes our evenings get a little hectic and they do not get made to set overnight. Introducing: Baked Oatmeal. All credit goes to my group members! It was a game changer. Now, I did have to make it in advance because there is no way I could wait the 45-50 minutes it takes to bake in the morning. I’m hangry with my coffee. BUT it keeps in the refrigerator for 4-5 days without getting soggy. Today, I made my coffee and grabbed a slice! I didn’t even need to warm it up. It was like dessert but I knew all of the ingredients! This Mama is going to call that a win! Now...if only we could hide some spinach in there too...

Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal