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A Body Well Journey: Week 1

We are so excited to be launching our first session of Body Well and even more excited about learning about the experience through the eyes of one of our clients, Christen! Follow us on social media to hear about Christen's journey during the next few weeks of Body Well.


Body Well: Week 1

This week I went back to the basics. Literally, I had to work on drinking water. Plain water. Not water flavored with coffee beans. When I did the first reflection on Sunday evening, I realized I was a succulent instead of a tomato plant.

As we went through the week, I was honest in logging what I ate and drank. (I logged everything, even the couple leftover tortilla chips I snagged off my kids plate.) Initially, I thought it was a form of punishment. I can literally see all of my mistakes. As the week progressed; however, I shifted from mistakes to opportunities. Opportunities to find “better” foods to eat that would keep me satisfied for longer. I’m excited to try some new recipes this week. I’m hoping even my picky eaters will try some new flavors.

I logged my workouts. I extended grace to myself this week as I learn a new rhythm of being a SAHM teaching virtual school. My body and my family did need me a few times this week so I did rest. I will set a new goal for next week as a challenge. I want to log a few miles on the pavement. I can honestly say that I am excited to run these miles!

Everyday I had to look for a win and celebrate. This win did not have to be food related. None of my daily wins were because I had a perfect “eating” day. My success was not based on food. I wish I would have learned these mindsets and lessons many years ago. I have been immersed in the “diet” mentality since the girls in middle school made those comments that stick for a lifetime. Mamas, I sincerely hope that anyone that is ashamed of their bodies would take this course. It is more than the weight and inches. Body Well teaches you to look at yourself as a whole being within a supportive and powerful small group. There is no judgement. There are a lot of laughs. There are a lot of selfies and there’s a lot of sweat. In the end, it’s a sisterhood that helps each Mama take care of herself and her family.

Check in next Wednesday to see how Christen's second week went!