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We Believe In: Empowering Women

Motherhood is tough. Period. Let’s just start with the physical aspect - Labor and delivery is one the most physically exhausting experiences a woman goes through in her life. Most moms leave the hospital feeling like they just participated in an MMA fight - but at least you get to go home with a cute little prize :) And as soon as that precious little bundle comes into the world, the fun has just begun! So much is demanded of a mother, especially in the first few months. You are required to care for this newborn 24/7 - picking up, laying down, carrying, rocking, lugging a car seat, rocking some more - all on an average of 5 hours of sleep a night! This job takes pure STRENGTH!

But that’s just physical. Motherhood also takes a huge emotional toll on women. The combination of crazy hormones, lack of sleep, and the huge responsibility of caring for another human being can leave many women feeling absolutely drained.

At FIT4MOM, we believe in giving women the strength they need for motherhood - not only physical strength through our fitness classes but emotional strength by making connections with other moms who “get it.” We promise to provide you with fun yet challenging exercise classes to increase your fitness capacity and give you the energy you need for the day to day tasks of being a mom. And we also promise to provide you with the opportunity to connect with other moms so you have the support you need for your motherhood journey.

We want to help you be the BEST mother YOU can be!

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