The Real Moms Club

Our FIT4MOM program is saturated with terms such as body back, prenatal modifications, and postnatal fitness. And this makes sense since we are a fitness program targeted towards moms of young children. But there are a lot of mothers out there who find no connection to these concepts. There are moms who can’t relate to the idea of wanting their bodies back, not because they were able to fit into their skinny jeans four weeks after giving birth, but because their bodies didn’t change before they became a mother. There are moms who have never been prenatal or postnatal. And these moms are just as “real” as the mom who watched her body grow and change for 9 months, or the mom who spent 48 hours in labor before delivering her child.

I listened to a podcast the other day and both the interviewer and the woman being interviewed were adoptive mothers. They both talked about how they had to battle feelings of not being in the “real moms club” because they didn’t have stories of pregnancy, or labor, or breastfeeding. But I want to stand up and say you ARE a real mom! You have the same right to be a part of the “real moms club” as any of us who have biological children. Women who come into motherhood through adoption or fostering give middle of the night feedings, change poopy diapers, cuddle sick kids, and love so much their hearts ache. It doesn’t get more real than that.

Adoptive and foster moms may not need to lose their “baby weight,” but they do need the strength to chase around toddlers. The may not need to build back their core muscles, but they do need the emotional support to get through those tough days of having littles. So adoptive and foster moms - since you are most DEFINITELY a part of the real moms club, we are here to help give YOU the strength for motherhood!


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