Prenatal Exercise WHY

No matter what it looked like for you - plus sign, blue line, double line - the moment you knew you had a new life growing inside you, there were so many questions that filled your head. What should I eat? What should I not eat? What do I actually FEEL like eating? What should we register for? What classes should I take? Do I want a doula? Do I want a midwife? Is this normal? Is that normal?

And for many new moms, there are questions about exercising. Should I be exercising? What type of exercise can I do? Can I run? Can I do core work?

Oftentimes these questions become too overwhelming and too confusing, but that is where FIT4MOM comes in! We would like to help answer all these questions for you so you can continue to feel great all through your pregnancy!

In the following weeks, we will be answering these three questions:

1) Should I exercise during pregnancy?

2) How should I exercise during pregnancy?

3) What should I be aware of during exercise while I’m pregnant?

If you or someone you know is pregnant, make sure to check out our newest session of Fit4Baby prenatal classes starting September 9!


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