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Out of the Blue: What You Won't See on Facebook

I’m going to admit it - I’m addicted to Facebook. So many times I have tried to give it up or at least severely limit my time browsing but I just can’t do it! I love watching babies grow and looking through wedding pictures and seeing my witty friends comment about their days. But - let’s be honest - most of all I like to see the perfect and exciting lives of OTHER people. Because that’s what Facebook is all about right? Showing the world that we have it all together? That we have the most adorable kids who never throw tantrums, that we look cute all the time, that we are great moms who do so many educational activities with our children? But how REAL is all of that?

Here’s something I’ve never posted on Facebook - I have postpartum depression. I spent the first 6 weeks of my daughter’s life crying multiple times a day and hating the season of life I was in. I DIDN’T look cute and my kids cried ALL the time. But why didn’t I share that? Why is it so hard to be real sometimes? I think for me, it opens up the possibility that people won’t like me or respect me, that they will think I’m weak despite the strong front I try to put up. But the truth is we’re all weak in some ways. None of us is perfect. Even our friends who we see online looking like J.Crew models while vacationing in Tahiti have their struggles.

FIT4MOM is my village. All of you make up my family so if I can’t be real with you, then I can’t be real with anyone. I hope by sharing my story, by being open and not just posting the things that make my life look perfect, I can connect with you on a deeper level. If my struggles can help just one other person, then I think opening myself up to vulnerability is totally worth it!

So here is the start of my story. I’m going to take the next few months to put down on paper a little bit of what my life has looked like since April 21 - the good, the bad, and the VERY ugly. Thank you for being my village and providing me with the comfortable space to share these things. This won’t be Facebook worthy. But then again, why not? It should be because this is REAL. LIFE.

All my love,


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