Oh, Minivan. How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways.

I love my minivan. I do. I never ever ever thought that I would love a minivan but I just can’t and won’t deny it. “I’m NEVER driving a minivan. I’m DEFINITELY going to drive an SUV with third row seating when I have kids.” That was my line for years. When we were expecting our second child, that was still the line I said to my husband. But once I saw what luxuries (and low mileage) I could get with a van that we couldn’t afford in an SUV, I was sold. I know, I know. So many people are adamant that you don’t need a minivan when you “only” have two kids but I’m quite certain that those people: 1) don’t need to cart around a massive double jogging stroller multiple times each week; 2) don’t have an 80 lb neurotic black lab with personal space issues; and 3) just don’t know what they’re missing.

Roll your eyes, all you van haters, but as a former member of your squad, I can refute all of your arguments. But, since this is a happy, encouraging place, let’s skip the arguments and I’ll just state some awesome facts for you about my personal minivan.

--A whopping ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SIX SQUARE FEET of cargo space (One time I had (2) 10 foot area rugs and (1) 12 foot area rug in the van and still had space for the four of us to ride.)

--Built in DVD player with wireless headphones---heck yes.

--Power sliding doors---well, they should be powered but one of them doesn’t work so technically they are “just” sliding doors. Still...SLIDING DOORS. I never realized how wonderful it is to not have to worry about the boys’ doors hitting other cars and how much easier it is to load them in.

--Built in air compressor. Yep. It’s true. Very handy for flat tires on the stroller and has even been used to put air in complete strangers’ stroller tires

--Power outlet. I know! The greatness keeps on coming. I don’t own a car charger for my phone but no worries, I can just plug in my regular charger and charge that baby while I’m driving to Meijer.

--TWELVE cup holders. Now, you may be thinking, “Allison, you will never need to use that many cup holders at one time.” Perhaps not but I’m ready if I ever do. We have used six at one time, though.

Oh, I’m sure some of you non-van drivers have some of these amenities but I’m guessing you don’t have them all. Have no fear. When you decide to make the transition to the dark side, I’ll be here to enthusiastically welcome you. And, if you never get a van, don’t worry. You can always swing by my van and I’d love to let you watch a movie on the DVD player & charge your cell phone while I put air in your stroller's tires. :-)

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