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My Body Back Journey: Week 4

Halfway done with Body Back! Hard to believe it, isn’t it?? In my last posts, I’ve waited until the end to talk about that week’s picture but since I’m pretty excited about this picture(s), I thought I’d just talk about that first. :-) I am so pleased with the progress I’m making. Like I said when I posted the comparison pictures after week two, I feel much healthier than I have in a long time. Now that I’m seeing some obvious physical changes, it’s incredibly encouraging and motivating to continue the push towards the end. This program works, people!

At the first Body Back session, we were tested on various things (pushups, sit ups, etc.) and this week, we did mid-session testing to gauge where we are at this point. I was so excited to see that I improved on all of my tests! There were a few that I was so surprised by the drastic change from week one. I was telling one of the Stroller Strides instructors that it’s interesting how you know you are working hard and pushing harder but sometimes you don’t truly realize how much of a difference it’s making. Something that I really loved during the testing was that even though we were all feeling the burn (don’t let the term “testing” fool you into thinking that testing days are easy days - my legs hurt so much that night!), the mood was really happy because everyone was noticing improvements. Body Back is tough and there’s a lot of hard work and sacrifice that comes with committing to this program, so when you see the fruits of that labor, it’s an amazing feeling! So proud of and thankful for all of the ladies I’m going through this journey with!

We finished out week four by sharing successes and challenges we have each had so far. My challenge shouldn’t be much of a surprise since I mention it every week but the food aspect has been my biggest challenge. I’m losing weight and inches so I obviously know that following the food rules is making a difference. I think my current challenge is knowing that while I’ve done well for four weeks, I still have four more weeks that require my full commitment. As far as successes, I have had a lot but the one I shared happened last week so it was at the forefront of my mind. For the first time since before Eli was born, I looked in the mirror and actually smiled about how my body looked. That isn’t to say that I haven’t looked in the mirror and thought I looked beautiful or anything but it’s the first time in a very long time that I didn’t look in the mirror and see things that I knew could be changed yet I wasn’t doing enough to make that change happen. Very encouraging on many levels!

As I head into the second half of Body Back, I thought I would share what I have learned so far, what I’m still working on, and what I hope to achieve in these final weeks.

1. What I have learned: I am committed. I am stronger than I thought I was. I thoroughly appreciate intense workouts. Planning all meals, or at least having healthy options in the cupboards and refrigerator, makes healthy eating much easier (I could write an entire post on this so look for some expansion on this next week) . I need to drink more water. I used to eat simply because I could and not necessarily because I was hungry. Quinoa is strange.

2. What I’m still working on: I love group workouts and am working on bringing the same energy and intensity to my at home workouts. I need to drink more water. I’m getting better at not letting thoughts of food (and food I want but can’t/shouldn’t have) be prevalent in my day but it still needs some work. Quinoa and its uses are still perplexing to me.

3. What I hope to achieve: In addition to the items in number two, I want to establish a maintenance plan for after Body Back is done. It’s “easy” to push yourself when you are in a program and being held accountable but I know that the true test of change will be when I am no longer in this structured setting. Also, quinoa, what is your purpose? I hope to find a way to understand and like you because you’re supposedly a “super food”.

As far as my emotions and mentality heading into this second half, I am feeling ready. I did have one day this weekend where I thought there was no way I could maintain this intensity and focus for four more weeks but I know that it isn’t realistic to always feel like I can conquer the world. I’ve had this mantra running through my head whenever I’ve felt especially tested during the last month and while it’s not always these exact words, it is always something similar to this:

“I can do this. This is about me. If I want change, I need to push hard. Don’t give up. Eight weeks. I have eight weeks to push towards my goals. Make the most of this opportunity. Don’t take it for granted.”

So here’s to not taking these final four weeks for granted and continuing to push myself all the way to the end! Thanks again for continuing to read this blog each week. If you happen to have any questions about the program or my journey or perhaps would like me to expand on something I have said, please feel free to leave a comment on here or contact me via Facebook.

Until next week!

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