Meet Our Village Monday: Holly

Not sure about the rest of you, but it's hard to believe we're already two thirds of the way through September! Something I love about doing this weekly feature is that it helps keep our community connected, whether you come to class four times a week, twice each month, or just for play dates and MNO. Today we are excited to feature the awesome Holly Lake! Enjoy getting to know her more!

How long have you been with FIT4MOM?

I have been attending classes through FIT4MOM since January.

In what way(s) have you participated in FIT4MOM (Fit4Baby, Stroller Strides, BodyBack)?

I have taken Stroller Strides classes in Phoenix as well as here in Grand Rapids.

Tell us about your family.

I have been married to my partner-in-crime, Ryan, for almost ten years. September 23rd is our anniversary, as well as our daughter's 4th birthday! Adalyn is in preschool but still attends Stroller Strides once a week or so. Ethan, our little man, is 15 months old and is my main jogger stroller buddy.

What is one thing you love about Stroller Strides/Fit4Baby/BodyBack?

Stroller Strides is my main motivation to get out of the house in the morning. I wake up, put on my workout clothes, tennis shoes, and I can already feel the energy that I need to get through my day with kiddos. The community that will be meeting you at each class is enough to get you on the road. A gym membership is NOT the same, let me tell you! :)

Favorite exercise?

My favorite exercise is running without my stroller! Jk! (Are we allowed to choose that one?:)) I don't mind a plank competition either!

Favorite food?

I am a fan of peanut butter. Maybe that makes me a little kid at heart, but man, it's delicious!

What are some things you like to do outside of exercising and being a mom?

I love to garage sale and thrift shop! I also enjoy a good latte and alone time. What mom would say no to that?

What do you do for work or what did you do before baby?

I have my Paralegal degree but had little experience using it before becoming a stay at home mom. I worked at Starbucks during college and really enjoyed all the perks and flexibility that the job had to offer.

Have you played any sports in the past or what sport would you like to learn?

I have played softball and ran track in the past.

What is a piece of advice you can pass on to fellow moms?

Advice. Hmm. I would conclude that each day, as a mom, should be taken piece by piece. Twenty minute increments can actually be helpful when dealing with teething toddlers and "hold the attitude" preschoolers. I'm learning to live in the precious moments because they are fleeting. These can be long days that fill these short years.

Thank you for being part of our community, Holly! We appreciate you so much! (Oh, and my response to your Seahawks shirts is, "Go Pack Go!" ;-) )

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