Hello From The Other Side (of Body Back)

So... I was going to add links in Monday's post to some of the previous posts I have written about Body Back. But then there ended up being so many good thoughts about the program from instructors & former participants that I didn't want to throw tons of info at you at once. Today, in addition to sharing the links, I thought I would share the two major lessons that I learned during my Body Back session.

-- Food matters. --

I know, I know. Duh, Allison. And I knew this before Body Back but I never did much about it. I wouldn't say that I'm a health nut now AT ALL but I am definitely much more aware of how often and how much I am eating, which was my big downfall before. I used to kind of snack my way through the day and creating a more defined eating schedule made a big difference for me. Making sure I have healthy, filling options for breakfast and lunch has been a big deal, too. I am in full agreement that exercise plays a big role in being healthy/weight loss but an interesting realization for me was this: I attended Stroller Strides with Eli for a year and a half before I became pregnant with Aaron. I came to at least three classes/week but stayed close to the same weight for that entire time. After Aaron was born (and I lose the initial weight from pregnancy), I continued to attend Stroller Strides two to three times each week and reached a weight where I remained for about nine months, until I started Body Back in September 2015. Once I developed new eating habits, my weight dropped to just above my pre-baby weight (pre-baby as in pre-ANY children) and I have been able to maintain that weight for almost a year and a half. FOOD MATTERS.

-- Consistency matters.--

This lesson has influenced me in so many areas beyond exercise and food but it definitely started with those two things. Yes, I did consistently go to Stroller Strides before Body Back but I actually started planning my workouts at least one month in advance. If I'm planning on attend a FIT4MOM class, I sign in online, sometimes up to eight weeks in advance. If I'm planning an at home workout, I write on my calendar what workout I was going to do. Obviously life messes with our plans sometimes but I have found that overall I am able to stick with the schedule I have created. I have admitted in previous posts that I struggle with at home workouts but something I am doing right now has been working really well for me: I am only able to attend class one, sometimes two, times per week, so I found a thirty day workout challenge that emails me 10 minute video workouts every day. I love that I don't have to search for a workout each day and it's super simple to achieve a 10 minute workout each day. And, honestly, if I can't accomplish a TEN MINUTE workout, I'm doing something wrong.

Something that I have learned about consistency is that sometimes it can be really tough, frustrating, and downright annoying in the beginning. But given enough time, it becomes a habit. It becomes natural and something you do without giving it extra thought. I have witnessed this in developing a healthy eating schedule for myself, routines with my children, and even with accomplishing household tasks. Perhaps you remember me mentioning in my New Year post that one of my big goals for this year was to keep my dining table & kitchen counters clear of clutter. I found that this clutter makes me stressed but tackling it was overwhelming. Finally I buckled down, cleared it all off, and vowed to put items right where they need to go instead of on the counter/table first. The first couple weeks of this month, it felt like I was ALWAYS cleaning the counter and putting things away. It felt so much easier to just throw it all in a pile and "forget" about it (even though I didn't really forget about it....I was reminded about it every time I looked at the counter...). But thanks to continuing to be consistent, it's starting to feel like a normal task to keep unnecessary items off those surfaces. And it feels so good. Maybe that sounds ridiculous to you but to me, and even to my husband, being greeted by a cleaner kitchen every day feels wonderful. So, just remember, there is great power in consistency and that philosophy can be applied to so many aspects of our lives.

Listed below are previous blog posts I have written about Body Back. I did a weekly blog post during the eight week session I completed and a few months later, I shared how I was doing since completing the program. I know it's a lot of reading but maybe you're feeding your baby or rocking a sleeping baby or can't sleep or you're just bored. I'm very word-y when I write so you have plenty of literature to keep you busy for a while. :-)

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