Dressing for the Outdoors: Summer

It appears that we have decided to skip all the 60 and 70 degree days and go right to summer! So we can move on from how to keep the kiddos warm during class to how to keep them cool! Here are some helpful tips on how to dress for our summer classes:


  • Wear breathable fabric - If possible, try to dress in clothes that breathe, such as cotton or exercise specific gear, in order to keep yourself cool.
  • Stay hydrated - We are going to sweat A LOT this summer and in order to keep your body at equilibrium, you will have to put back in all the water that you are sweating off. You should make it a goal to drink a full water bottle during class and then another full bottle once you get home. And if you are pregnant or nursing, this becomes even more important!
  • Find a hat - Having the sun beat directly on you causes your body temperature to rise so wearing a hat on sunny days can help to keep you cooler. If you don't have one, we have FIT4MOM hats available for purchase!


  • Dress lightly - Also make sure that you are putting your kids in light, breathable clothes so that they get as much air flow as possible.
  • Sun protection - As the summer progresses, the sun will be getting more and more intense. Use hats, your stroller shade, and sunscreen to make sure your babies' fair skin is protected from the harmful rays!
  • Bring water for baby - Babies also lose water from sweating so make sure they stay hydrated as well. You can offer them a drink from their water bottle every time we have a drink break!
  • Cool packs - I have heard of people using ice packs or other cooling products to keep babies comfortable, especially when they are still in their infant car seats with lots of padding.

Do you have any other ideas on how to keep cool this summer? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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