Community Kitchen: Vegetable Ideas

While this is the perfect time of year for fresh veggies from the garden, an obstacle many moms face is getting their children to actually EAT this delicious produce!

When C first starting eating solids, I was amazed at everything he would eat. There really wasn’t much that he didn’t seem to like, even with all the crazy concoctions I would come up with! And even as he moved from pureés to finger foods, he still would eat just as many of the vegetables as he would the other foods on his plate. I was pumped that I wouldn’t have to deal with a picky eater! But then one day the tides turned…

All of a sudden, I started seeing more and more green particles on the floor than I actually saw go into his mouth. (At least the dog is getting some good nutrients!) He would put a pea or a bean in his mouth and then immediately spit it out. I still try with most meals to make sure I at least offer a vegetable, but it’s hit or miss on whether or not he will actually eat it.

We have had pretty good luck with smoothies and pouches (either homemade or store-bought like Plum Organics) for getting some veggies in. He also seems to do better with sweet potatoes and carrots by themselves. But I would like to see if there are any other ideas.

What are some ways your kids will eat vegetables? Any tricks up your sleeve?

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