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Community Kitchen: Early Summer Produce

I’m so happy that our farmer’s markets are up and rolling again for the summer! Even though our growing season in Michigan isn’t very long, I think it makes us appreciate all of our fresh produce even more. Not only does the farmer’s market bring the best in fruits and vegetables all together in one place, it’s also a great learning experience for our kids!

In our world of big box stores and processed foods, it can be hard for kids to get a good grasp on what REAL food looks like, or where it comes from. For many of them, the idea that food isn’t actually grown at Meijer may be a complete shock! But a trip to the farmer’s market, or better yet to a local farm, can be a great way for our little ones to learn more about where our food comes from. They can see first hand what real produce fresh out of the ground looks like. Or watch as little seedlings grow bigger and bigger until they burst with fresh fruits and vegetables we can put on our table.

What produce have you been buying so far this summer? What ways have you been able to show your kids the beauty of our local farms? We'd love to hear from you so we can all learn together!

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