Books, Books, Glorious Books!

So...this post is a bit different from my usual posts, plus it’s a pretty short one. Do you guys read books to your kids? I mean, I certainly hope you read to your children but over the last few months, I realized that my oldest (turned five on November 1) was probably ready for some chapter book reading. He isn’t reading independently yet but, man oh man, he wants to be able to read so badly so as part of that process, I thought introducing more advanced books would be helpful. We just finished up a wonderful, four book series by Kathy-jo Wargin called the Mitt Midwest series. The main characters are two mice, one named Mitt from Michigan and the other named Minn from Minnesota. The chapters are fairly short and there are a few beautiful black and white drawings in each book. I loved that he would beg for me to read “just ONE more chapter” and, a few nights, he asked if he could go to bed early so we would have more time to read. :-) No complaints about that from anyone!

We found all four books at the library and he’s already asking that we read them again. Each stage of parenting/childhood has some really delightful aspects and his love of books is definitely exciting to witness! We would highly recommend these books and maybe they would even be a nice Christmas gift for any older children out there. I would love to hear some more recommendations for chapter books that we could read together. Maybe Boxcar Children? Any books that you have read that your children absolutely loved? Please please please share!!

Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of the Christmas season (except for Hobby Lobby, who has been enjoying Christmas since August….)!! “Normal” blog post coming your way in a few days. :-)

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