A Different Week Than Expected

This was not an ideal week. One thing about life as a parent is that one day things can be normal and the next day---BAM!--one of your kids is sick. Life just kind of screeches to a halt and the calendar basically gets wiped clean for the next few days. There’s also the added bonus of getting to be freaked out that your other child (or you or your spouse) is going to get sick now. Yay for strep... After three rough days and the first 24 hours of antibiotics, we are finally seeing some improvement which was greatly needed for this exhausted mom. I was/am spent. It’s so physically and mentally draining to be constantly needed and having to juggle the very delicate emotions of a sick child. Throw in the guilt of not being able to focus as much as usual on my other boy and having to keep him housebound, too. It has been rough. Pending that no one else gets sick in the next couple days, I’m hopeful that we are heading back towards being a healthy household!

I am all about self-care. Between the importance of self-care being drilled into my brain while working towards my social work degree and actually seeing the positive influence when it is put into action, I think about it all the time. Self-care looks different to everyone and for me, there are things I try to do on a regular basis to take care of myself: treating myself to a monstrous candy bar or a drink from Starbucks, working out, having Eli play games or watch shows on the iPad during Aaron’s nap so that I can also nap, writing, dancing around the kitchen with my children. This week was short on time for self-care but I did still attempt a few moments for sanity’s sake. I bought a candy bar during our trip to Meijer to get amoxicillin and flat out refused to share it with my begging youngest child. I went to Wednesday’s Body Back workout--NOT because of the candy bar. I have no shame associated with eating that candy bar. It just feels so good to get out of the house alone and focus on something just for me.

Before you get all, “If she’s telling me that I still need to workout when my kids are sick or when I’m tired and worn out, I’m done with FIT4MOM forever,”, hear me out. I’m still tired and worn out and in recovery mode (actually, I might not even be in recovery mode yet---heading to the doc today to get checked for strep. Hooray….). I actually have no true point or purpose for the post except to say that I get how exhausting parenting can be sometimes and I get how easy it is to not take the time for ourselves, especially on days when there literally seems to be no time for ourselves. I simply want to encourage you all, and myself, to not forget yourself. If that means all you have time for that day is a hot shower that is long enough to include shaving your entire legs (I totally neglect the upper half of my legs during the winter….), please do it! Go to Meijer by yourself. Get a manicure. Treat yourself to a midday coffee drink from Starbucks or Biggby. Go to bed early.

I’m generally a glass half full person but weeks like this definitely challenge that outlook. My optimism is coming back and I’m hopeful that we are coming out of this. Cross your fingers, say a prayer, think a positive thought that my strep test comes back negative today! If not, I am so very thankful for modern medicine. No worries. Just in case Aaron and I happen to have the strep germs, we won’t be at class today. You know what that means?? I need you to go to Stroller Strides today because I can’t go and I’m feeling pretty sad about that. Take care of yourselves today (and everyday), friends!

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