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Rain Rain Go Away. Come back another day! Unless it’s a Rain Stick Craft. Stroller Strides - 9:30 - Trinity Lutheran - craft after class Body Back (Wy) - 7:30 - Woodview Christian

Test your knowledge today. Can you name all 45 Presidents? Both classes are Presidents Themed. Stroller Strides - 9:30 - Trinity Lutheran Church - Grand Rapids, Michigan Stroller Barre - 11:00 - Woodview Christian Church

It's time to start with you. It's time to start loving yourself for all the things that you ARE instead of all the things that you aren't. Join us in this self-love gratitude challenge and show us how you #selflove using the hashtag #sharetheselflove #FIT4MOM #fit4momgr #ourvillage #strengthinmotherhood #grmom

🎶Get a little pep in your step to start the weekend right! 💥 #BodyBack ladies are lookin’ 🔥💪🏼😎 #fit4mom #fit4momgr #strengthinmotherhood #grmom

Our littles learned all about the wonderful things a little bit mighty cloud named, “Cloudette” can do when she brainstorms. The mamas also were entertained by some barely 🐻 there play on words. #ourvillage #playgroup #storytime #cloudette #fit4momgrlove

When I think of puns, sky’s the limit so please don’t be so cirrus ☁️. Stroller Strides - 10:00 - Trinity Lutheran Church - Grand Rapids, Michigan Weathery story time - Immediately After Class

Whether you're a size 2, a size 12, or a size 22, your curves and your heart and your soul make you an incredible human and an incredible woman. It's time we start looking at ourselves in the mirror and loving everything that we see...the stretch marks from birthing a baby or breastfeeding 3 kids. The dark circles under our eyes that means we our nurturing our children by wake-ups to nightmares and late-night feedings. The saggy skin from carrying a baby for 9 months. The cellulite from enjoying LIFE and eating the cake and not regretting it. For all the beautiful pieces of ourselves that make us human and make us women and mothers. #FIT4MOM #fit4momgr #mamabewell #ourvillage #strengthinmotherhood #themotherhoodisreal #grmom

Will you be my Valentine? I’d love to! 💋 💋 Stroller Strides - 9:30 - Woodview Christian Church Valentine’s Theme Class!

❤️SELF LOVE CHALLENGE--DAY 1️⃣️4️⃣️ #mamabewell #fit4mom #fit4momgr 💝Treat yourself, Mama! A nap? A tasty cupcake? A venti latte instead of a grande? Saying "no" to laundry until tomorrow? A bubble bath? All of the above?? 😎

❤️SELF LOVE CHALLENGE--DAY 1️⃣️3️⃣️ #mamabewell #fit4mom #fit4momgr 💋Take time for a little extra today, whether that means a full face of makeup or using that wonderful moisturizer you never use! 💦

Grab your Partner Dosey Doe. Send a Valentine and watch them Glow. ❤️ Both classes are Partner Classes! Stroller Strides - 9:30 - Trinity Lutheran Church - Grand Rapids, Michigan with Nicole Valentine Playgroup (after Stroller Strides)- 11:00 - Porter Hills Retirement Village. Meet at the West Entrance with 10-15 valentines to be handed out to the residents. Stroller Barre - 11:00 - Woodview Christian Church with Amanda

❤️ SELF LOVE CHALLENGE--DAY 1️⃣️2️⃣️ #FIT4MOM #fit4momgr #mamabewell 🍞Share a recipe in the comments that you would love others to try!🍽️

❤️SELF LOVE CHALLENGE--DAY 1️⃣️1️⃣️ #mamabewell #fit4mom #fit4momgr 📱💻Take a break. The view out there is so much better than the view on the screen. So...stop reading this and put down your phone/close your laptop/power down your computer. It'll be worth it. Promise.💞

❤️SELF LOVE CHALLENGE--DAY 🔟 #mamabewell #fit4mom #fit4momgr 💲Get out that calculator, Mama (and the coffee. So. much. coffee.)📊

❄️Due to Forest Hills Public Schools & Trinity Lutheran being closed today, Stroller Strides is CANCELED. ❄️ Our visit to Porter Hills to deliver Valentines is being rescheduled for 11am on Monday, February 12. Since one of our bonus points opportunities this week is attending a playgroup, we will be extending that to include the new Porter Hills visit time on Monday. But don't despair! Marissa Andersen will be going live on our Facebook page at 10am with a Snow Day workout so make sure to check that out! See you back here in a little bit!💪

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