The Thankful (but not really) Almost-Facebook Status That Became a Thankful (legitimately) Blog Post

(reposted from Keeping Up with the Kellys)

So it's been a long month around here. Not a bad month but not a month I care to repeat, either. Eli and I were both dealing with some stuff and the end of October/month of November brought us multiple doctor visits. The final doctor visit of the month was this afternoon and I was concocting a Facebook status in my head tonight. (Don't scoff. You do it, too.) My apologies to you all that I never actually finished constructing it so I can't share it with you but it was something along the lines of being thankful for medicine and insurance and doctors but being thankful that November was almost done. Something like that. In the midst of my creative process, I realized how selfish of a thought it was and how UNthankful I was actually being. I was proclaiming my thankfulness for things but in the same breath, I was complaining and not recognizing all that I truly have to be thankful for. Don't get me wrong. I am all for not pretending that all is perfect in one's world and not trying to hide when life gets hard. But I am also all for perspective and not complaining whenever life isn't just like we want it to be. I realized that sometimes perspective and reality isn't always something that hits us over the head. I think a lot of the time we know the reality of our situation and how bad we don't actually have it but we push it to the side because...well, why do we push it to the side? We want the attention from others that sharing our woes brings (even if we won't admit it)? We are selfish? It can be easier to focus on the current situation instead of the long term? Something else?

This is my attempt tonight to focus on the reality of my situation and bring some perspective to a long month in the Kelly house. Yes, we have been dealing with many sicknesses and doctor visits but we are nearing the finish line. So many people in our city/state/country/world, even people reading this post, are dealing with issues far greater than this. It's a small blip in our life but that's not that case for others. I have family members dealing with sicknesses that will effect them for the rest of their lives. There are people tonight who have no food, no home, no safe place to protect them from the atrocities of this fallen world. It's quite the reality check.

So what truly matters? What am I truly thankful for in this season? I am thankful for doctors and modern medicine. I am thankful for good health insurance. I am thankful for family and friends. I am thankful for God's faithfulness and for reminding me to focus on what really matters.

Lots of love and thankfulness for you all.

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving and may you remember to focus on what truly matters.

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