During this time of year, we reflect on the things we have to be thankful for, and if you sit down and write all of them down, you'll see there is SO much! (We should do that all year long!) Included in my list is FIT4MOM - specifically Stroller Strides. When I started out with Stroller Strides, I was a new mom with this squishy postpartum body and a little baby who I was learning day by day how to take care of. I was proud of my body as a mom in the fact that I knew I was nourishing my baby with my breasts and that my stretched out belly had held a growing human for 9 months. But my self confidence as a woman was low. My pre-pregnancy clothes didn't fit right yet, I was out of shape, and I felt stuck in a fitness rut. I have always been fit but now found myself in a place I didn't necessarily have the motivation or energy to get out of. I also didn't know many other moms, and was across the country from family and friends.

Then I met a neighbor who had a baby about the same age as me (thank you, God!). Jenny brought me to my first class. She had heard about Stroller Strides online and was in the same spot as me - looking for a kickstart to getting her body back and getting bored staying home all day. We signed up right away after that first class and went together almost every day after that for the next few months! It didn't take long for me to fall in love with Stroller Strides. It offered a stellar workout that made me stronger and less squishy. I started shedding those extra pounds, allowing me to fit back in my clothes (yay!). It also offered a community of new (and veteran) moms - an instant village of people where we could hang out, have play dates, find support, and exchange advice.

Stroller Strides was something for me to look forward to every day. It became part of our daily routine and I no longer had daily battles to convince myself to get a workout in. I became confident again as a woman and also became passionate about becoming a FIT4MOM instructor. I have a Physical Education background, I coached soccer, have always loved kids, was an athlete, and figured it would be a perfect fit! My instructor Michelle inspired me and mentored me before I moved and when I met Marissa here in GR, I knew it was meant to be! Stroller Strides changed my life as a mom and I know it could for you too!

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