Readings for Late Nights, Early Mornings, & Midday: My Favorite Blogs

I love reading blogs---thank goodness because writing a blog when I don't like reading blogs would be kind of weird... I love writing. I love words. I love how simply reading words, not even hearing their voice or seeing their face, but how reading their words can bring forth such emotion. I've felt annoyed, angry, excited, happy, but mostly encouraged by blogs. Part of that is of course my own doing because I don't especially want to return to a blog that brings about negative emotions. I loved blogs before having kids but when I became a mom, reading blogs during late night feedings was so encouraging to me. I've been following many blogs for years and after awhile, I was reading so many blogs that I finally broke down and started using a blog reader. Well...I just Googled it and it's technical name is "news aggregator". reader is just easier to type... Anyway, I used Google Reader for lots of years and much to my dismay, Google shut it down and now I use a site called Feedly to keep track of the almost fifty blogs that I follow. Yes, you read that correctly---FIFTY. 50. You know how some people love podcasts? I love blogs.

I'm a thrify, frugal gal so I have a bunch "mom blogs" (aka blogs full of daily deals posted by moms who run that blog as their part time or full time job). I also follow some food blogs and photography blogs and crafty blogs. With the exception of two of the craft blogs I follow (no worries, I'll share at the end!), my favorite blogs are what I have labeled as "inspirational" blogs. I love following people's lives. I love thinking, "ME TOO", when I read something or even, "Wow. I never even thought about my friend feeling that way when she went through that." I like feeling inspired to be more open with my own stories in hopes that I can help someone experience those same emotions.

So...I won't unnecessarily draw out this post. :-) Here is a list of a few of my favorite blogs. Perhaps they will come in handy tonight while you're feeding your baby at 3am. :-) Enjoy!


Coffee + Crumbs (Favorite!! and the book they released in April is so good--"The Magic of Motherhood")

Design For Mankind (Her book ,"Chasing Slow", is a must read!)

Enjoying The Small Things ("Bloom", written by this author, is wonderful.)

CRAFTY BLOGS (crafty yet includes so much about their lives, too!)

Young House Love (They stepped away from full time blogging a year or two ago but they still post occasionally and you can still read their past posts.)

Bower Power (She's the sweetest southern girl--mom of four boys with a little girl on the way. I love her honesty about motherhood.)

DEAL BLOGS--Honestly, I follow so many deal blogs that they kind of blend together after awhile so I can't really pick a "favorite" EXCEPT for this one

Money Saving Mom (Her team posts lots of great deals throughout the day but what makes her blog stand out from the other deal blogs that I follow is that she also incorporates posts about her real life, especially her marriage and parenting. Her family just did a fourteen day East Coast road trip and it was so fun to follow along on her Instastories and read her blog posts she did recapping each day of the trip.)

Hope some other blog lovers out there will enjoy this suggestions! Anyone have some blogs to share that YOU love???

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