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No Sugar November

We are closing in on our half way point! Let's first take a moment and applaud ourselves on how far we have come. It has not been easy with all the amazing delicious temptations and cravings around but we are staying strong!

Through this experience I have learned that what we put into our bodies, we will get out. As a kid I was told that if I ate an apple seed, an apple tree would grow in my tummy. With that frightening news, I was so cautious to never eat a seed. When I finally did eat one I cried for hours, just waiting for the tree to grow. (I thank my parents for that scarring - now funny - memory!) I was so scared that what I put into my body was going to hurt me. And even though I now know that seeds are not going to make an apple tree grow in me, I still hold to the fact that what you put in your body can have an affect on how you feel, and in some ways we should be cautious.

Before this challenge, I was eating high sugar yogurts, juices, cookies, cake, and candy whenever I wanted. And I was moody, sometimes grouchy, and always tired by the end of the day! But having just changed to no processed sugar, cutting out sweets and reading more labels, I have become more energized! I don't feel like I need a coffee or a nap everyday. I have even found that I pick healthier options, like more fruits and veggies, instead of snack foods. I have learned to be cautious in what I am fueling my body with, and through that I am definitely happier and feel healthier!

In these few short weeks since we have started, I have definitely learned that what I put in my body will directly affect how I feel. I eat with a little more awareness and caution, just like when I was a kid with the apple seed. This challenge has not been easy - with social gatherings,birthdays, or even just trips to the grocery store - the temptation is ALWAYS there. But I do have confidence that I will finish this challenge strong with the continued support of my family and this amazing village!

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