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My Body Back Journey: Week 6

Well, another week has finished which means we only have two weeks left of this Body Back session. Now that we’re entering the final stage of this journey, I’ve been reflecting on how things (and I) have changed and, as I mentioned in my week four post, how I plan to implement what I have learned after Body Back is done. After the first class of the session, I came home, made a grocery list of all of the food I needed to follow the meal plan, and then went grocery shopping the next day. I returned from that shopping trip exhausted, overwhelmed, and cried while I was putting everything in the cupboard. How’s that for a selling point for trying out Body Back? :-) Let me explain so you won’t be scared of the program! At the time, I thought all of these emotions were because of Body Back but looking back now, I recognize all of the huge changes that were happening at once in my life. The first day of the session was also my oldest son’s very first day of preschool. It was an incredibly emotional morning for me as it was the first time I had entrusted him with someone I didn’t really know and drove away from the school without him, having to trust that God would take care of him. It was one of the most significant “letting go” steps I have had to take yet as a parent and it was hard! In addition to that, the day before the first class, my husband had started back to work after having the summer off (he’s a teacher). It’s a transition I have to go through every year but it still takes time to adjust to not having him around nearly as much and the extra exhaustion/stress that is present in our lives during the school year. Enter Body Back, a program that was focused on just ME (not used to focusing on just me!) and immediately challenged me emotionally, physically, and mentally. Phew. That’s a lot of change all at once!

Fast forward to today and thinking about “life after Body Back”---I can see how much my perspective has changed. Things I saw as confining are now helpful. By focusing on three meals and two snacks each day, I have been forced to study my habits and when I really need food as opposed to when I just feel like eating. I have found a schedule that works really well for me and addresses my needs: breakfast, one cup of coffee, lunch, snack, supper, snack. As I’ve mentioned before, I only used to plan what was for supper but having two or three specific options for breakfast/lunch/snacks has made a huge impact on my eating habits.

This seems like a good time to make it known that I do not eat Body Back approved foods one hundred percent of the time. I realized today that I may have unintentionally made it sound as though I am so incredible at fighting temptation and have only ate the food approved in our Body Back food journals. Let me also be clear that I am NOT saying you will find success with Body Back if you eat non-Body Back approved foods. Following the meal plans is absolutely essential if you want to achieve the results you desire. I would say that I follow the meal plan 90% of the time. Considering what (and how much) I ate pre-Body Back, this is definitely something I’m really proud of. There are two things that I attribute this to. The first is this blog. When I was asked to write this blog, I was excited about having a reason to write and thankful for the accountability it would give. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to write this blog with a clear conscience if I wasn’t following the rules of the program. Body Back works and in order to show that, I knew that I would have to buckle down and focus for eight weeks. I also wanted to bring a genuine and realistic view of the program, too, which is why I think it is important to say that I have had food that is not in the food journals. I’m not perfect, people! The second thing I attribute being able to do a pretty good job following the plan is that I have known for a long time that a lot of the reason I wasn’t the size I wanted to be was because of food. I absolutely knew that if I could develop better eating habits, I would see positive results. I don’t think that Reese’s Peanut Cups and creamy, cheesy pasta and buttery popcorn are evil but I do think that finding a balance and moderation of food is essential to a happy life. I know that this philosophy doesn’t apply to everyone but for me, that is a big thing that I have learned and will absolutely be implementing into my post-Body Back life. Oh! Since I know you have all been wondering, no, I have not yet conquered quinoa. It’s on my list to work on that this next week. What I did conquer, though, was my real issue with quinoa--it’s used as a rice replacement AND an oatmeal replacement. Would you put cinnamon on your rice? No. Would you put soy sauce on your oatmeal? I certainly hope not. Therein lies my struggle with it. So...quinoa and I are still a work in progress. I’ll update you next week because I know you all really care about my issue with it.

I realize that a lot of my posts have talked about food and my challenge with that. Obviously it has been my biggest struggle but that challenge has also produced great results. Now, I don’t want to ignore the workout aspect of Body Back. I love the Body Back workouts and I love that I have been pushed to workout much more than I used to. In the middle of a Body Back workout, I may not feel always feel like I love it but the strength and endurance I have gained from these workouts has been incredible. I was doing an exercise at Stroller Strides this morning and was actually really surprised at how easy it was for me. Looking back at the first workout we did, I wish we could do the same workout again just to show ourselves how far we have come. It was a traveling workout (different workout at each station and we ran from station to station around the park we were at) and we were all dragging by the end. I’m not even sure my “run” to the final station qualified as a “run”. I know that while it would still exhaust us and challenge us, we would all have so much more stamina than we did that day. Saying goodbye to the Body Back workouts will be one of the hardest parts of this session ending. Nicole, you are an amazing Body Back instructor. Thank you for pushing us to be the strong women you know we can be!

As always, thanks for reading and supporting me during this life-changing journey! Two more weeks to go. Until next week!

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