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My Body Back Journey: Week 5

And here we are yet again! We are officially over the halfway mark and heading into the final three weeks of this Body Back session. I do bi-monthly grocery shopping trips and had the realization that I only have one more grocery shopping trip before this session is done! Pretty crazy!

Initially I would have put week 5 in the “just okay” category but after thinking about the week as a whole, it was actually a pretty decent week. I dealt with some issues of fluctuating between motivated and unmotivated and it was a little discouraging. I think part of it was that I have gotten into a certain routine and this week, I didn’t attend Thursday’s Body Back class because we were celebrating my husband’s birthday. That threw me off a bit and put some extra pressure on me to make up for not having that intense workout. As I mentioned in an earlier post, each week I have been doing two Body Back classes, two Stroller Strides classes, and two workouts at home. This week I added an extra Stroller Strides class and while I don’t regret doing that, I’m thankful that I don’t do that every week. Now before you think, “you regret working out?!?”, let me explain. My oldest son attends preschool two mornings each week and unfortunately class times and distance to his school make going to class those days impossible. This leaves me with Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as my days for attending Stroller Strides (another reason Body Back is great! I can workout after the boys are in bed!). Something I have learned about myself over the years is that while I enjoy planning things and especially enjoy getting out of the house to do fun things with my boys, I also really enjoy and need time that isn’t planned to rest, run random errands, etc. When Body Back is done and I don’t have those two workouts each week, I know that this will be one of my post-BB challenges: pushing myself to workout at home and not depending solely on Stroller Strides to keep me in shape. At the end of the week, I had someone say some encouraging words to me at Stroller Strides about my progress and it reminded me of two things: 1. You never know when your kind words can turn someone’s day/week around. 2. Not all weeks feel euphoric but that doesn’t mean change isn’t still happening.

I had mentioned in last week’s post that I was going to talk some more about how planning ahead for workouts and meals has influenced my success, which is what this week’s photos are about. Before the Body Back session started, I went through my calendar (where would I be without Google Calendar??) and scheduled all of my workouts. On the days that I didn’t do Body Back or Stroller Strides, I added a “Workout” task so I could easily check the box on my calendar when I completed that workout. I love group workouts and home workouts have definitely been my challenge but aside from week two where I skipped a couple home workouts due to injury, I have only skipped one home workout. In case you don’t do Stroller Strides or Body Back, you check in on the website before class so, as you can see in the picture, I enrolled in all fifteen BB classes and sixteen SS classes I would be attending during these eight weeks. There ended up being a couple weeks that I had to change the days I was going to attend SS but overall, once I was enrolled in the classes, I have stuck to that schedule, no matter what! It was very beneficial to me to have my entire workout plan already planned out before the session even started.

The other picture (which is a bit blurry, sorry!) is my weekly meal plan chart. This chart is in the Body Back food journals we received and I decided to make my own on my computer so I could print it out to hang on my refrigerator. I don’t always follow the exact plan I have created (unless it’s supper) since sometimes the breakfast/lunch/snack that is written down doesn’t appeal to me that day. I think that what makes this not a big issue is that I have made sure to have ingredients for other food options so there are always healthy foods available. In the first couple weeks, I used the chart to make notes of the Body Back food options that I liked (and didn’t like). The chart also helps track how much water I’m drinking which has come in very handy since I definitely was not drinking eight or more glasses of water every day!

We’re starting inside classes this week since working out in completely darkness can be a bit tricky. I’m looking forward to being able to see everyone during the entire workout. :-) Next week will be another comparison photo and I’m curious to see what that looks like! Thanks again for following my journey. Until next week!

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