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My Body Back Journey: Week 3

Well, it’s been an uneventful week (thank goodness!). No injuries to report. No mental breakdowns to explore. Other than Satan attending our Thursday night Body Back class in the form of extremely successful mosquitoes, it’s been a pretty good week! Ahhhh, so nice to write that. I lost a couple more pounds this week so that has certainly added some extra motivation and encouragement! Workouts are going well and, overall, I feel like I'm doing well following the meal plan and not feeling like my life is terrible because I'm limited to a certain list of foods.

Speaking of food, I had a couple people ask me about that part of Body Back so I thought I’d take this “don’t-have-lots-of-craziness-to-share” post to talk about that a bit. As part of the Body Back program, each participant receives a program guide, two food journals, and a workout DVD. The food journals offer 15 options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks (so between the two journals I received, I have 30 options for breakfast, 30 options for lunch, etc.). Each option is labeled as a “Best”, “Better”, or “Good” choice and depending on what your goals are for Body Back, you choose what foods best fit that goal. In the program guide, Lisa Druxman (FIT4MOM founder, just in case you don’t recognize the name) states that following the “Best Choices” group is best for weight loss results and a mix of the three choices is best for those using Body Back for improving overall health and physique. Personally, I find myself in between those two options (weight loss and improving health/physique) so I eat about 65% “Best Choice” and a mix of “Better Choice” and “Good Choice” for the remaining 35%.

I’ll be honest. I don’t love, or even like, some of options that are given but for the most part, I have found enough options that I do like to offer variety during the eight week session. For instance, I alternate between four breakfast options and five or six snack options. While there are additional options that sound delicious, it often comes down to what I can have on-the-go or make quickly at home. The food journals make planning really simple. There are charts for each day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, two snacks, & at least 8 glasses of water) and there’s no need for extra food planning in addition to the meals provided. For example, for breakfast today, I had B6 (breakfast option #6) from Book 1, which was 1 cup high fiber cereal, ½ cup non-fat milk, ½ banana. No need for figuring out how much fruit I should also add to breakfast because it has already been figured out for me. Really simple and requires significantly less brainpower from me. :-)

Like I said at the beginning of the post, workouts have been going well. Each week I have been working out six days and then a day of rest. Two days are Body Back, two days are Stroller Strides, and two days are at home. This week's picture is from one of my workouts at home this week and obviously my youngest son thought that my workout was ruining the plans he had for playing with me. That’s just the reality of working out with little ones around and I suppose there are worse things in life than being distracted by that cute little face!

Next week will be the halfway point of the session and I’m actually kind of excited about sharing the comparison pictures between week one and week four! I’ve been noticing some physical changes over the last week and that is really awesome!

Three weeks down, five weeks to go!

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