Meet Our.....Blog Monday?

After seven months of Meet Our Village Monday, we are taking a little hiatus while our stack of questionnaires (and new members!) rebuilds. (There are still some emails & Facebook messages---probably in the 'others' folder---floating around out there, so if you have yet to respond with a completed questionnaire, please feel free to do so. It's never too late!)

In the meantime, I'm working on some new info for the next couple months and hope that you will all continue to tag along and follow the blog. We're working on finding a nice balance between interesting, thoughtful, entertaining, and informative. Hopefully we are already doing those things but a little fine-tuning every so often is never a bad idea!

Speaking of balance, today I attempted to balance recovering from sickness, a child home sick from school, and working on this blog. As you can see by my much later posting, the blog lost and was delegated to "after the kids are in bed". In the end, though, what matters is us and our families, right? I am still striving to meet goals I have for this blog, but my boys will always come first. Thankfully I'm feeling much better and aside from my son throwing up in the parking lot at his school, he has had a pretty decent day. Oh, did I also mention that after getting him back in the car with a plastic bag & running inside to tell his teacher that he wouldn't be at school today, when I tried to leave, my van wouldn't start. Super cool timing. Life is always full of surprises, isn't it? I'm hoping tomorrow is completely lame and boring (except for the FIT4MOM Christmas party, of course! Don't worry! It will have been a full 48 hours since I was sick. You're all safe.)

Looking forward to what is ahead for the blog! It was definitely a bit sad to not be posting a Meet Our Village Monday today but they will definitely make a return in the future.

See you back here on Thursday!

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