Meet Our Programs Monday: Stroller Barre

Welcome to the Monday feature for the month of January! For the next four Mondays, we will be highlighting the four programs that FIT4MOM Grand Rapids offers: Stroller Barre, Fit4Baby, Body Back, and, of course, Stroller Strides. With the new year here and the start of a new program, it felt like a good time to offer a deeper look at what amazing options we have for you.

To start off Meet Our Programs Mondays, let's hear it for the new kid on the block: Stroller Barre!

Stroller Barre is the newest program being offered here in Grand Rapids. It's actually so new that when you read this, there will have only been two classes so far! Check out the FIT4MOM Stroller Barre page for a great, short video about this program. This class will be taught by Amanda, who has also taught some Stroller Strides & Fit4Baby classes. Here are some thoughts from her about Stroller Barre.

How Stroller Barre Differs from Stroller Strides:

"Stroller Barre follows the same format as Stroller Strides but there are a few major differences. Barre is a combination of ballet, pilates and yoga. It is designed to build strength, muscle tone and improve posture. With each movement in barre, you will begin with a large movement then move into a smaller, more concentrated movement. These small movements are intentional which slow you down and encourage you to not only focus on your form and posture but also your breathing. They also isolate specific muscles to build endurance and strength. Barre is also centered around your core which is engaged in every movement. These small changes make Stroller Barre the perfect cross-training program to Stroller Strides."

How Stroller Barre Differs From Other Barre Programs:

"Stroller Barre is the country's only stroller-based barre program. Instead of using a wall-mounted barre like traditional barre programs, Stroller Barre uses the stroller handle which makes the exercises more body weight-based. This makes the body engage the core much more during the workout. In addition to a great workout, Stroller Barre also incorporate songs and activities to engage and entertain the kiddos."

And what is Amanda looking forward to most about teaching Stroller Barre??

"I am most looking forward to helping our mamas slow down to focus on the small isolated movements and their posture which will help build strength and lengthen their bodies for motherhood!"

We are all so excited to be offering yet another opportunity for the moms in the Grand Rapids area to take care of themselves and to connect with other women in the same stage of life. I hope you enjoyed learning more about Stroller Barre and are able to come check out a class some time!


Mondays @ 11am--Woodview Christian Church

Thursdays @ 11am--Trinity Lutheran Church

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