5 Reasons for 5 Years

In honor of our 5 years of business here in Grand Rapids, I would like to share 5 reasons why I think every mom should be a part of our FIT4MOM program:

1) YOU DESERVE IT - As moms, we spend most of our days looking out for those around us - whether that be our kids, our husbands, etc. But YOU are important too and you deserve to take some time out to care for yourself! Our classes allow you to do just that, by giving you a chance to get in a workout and also interact with other moms.

2) BUILD A VILLAGE - No mom can do it on her own, which is why building a support system is so vital. Our classes provide an opportunity for you to meet other moms - women who are going through the exact same things you are. The friendships you make in Stroller Strides will go beyond just our classes. These are the friends you will be able to turn to no matter what!

3) FITNESS FOR MOM - Motherhood takes a lot of physical strength and energy, which is why it is such an important time to make sure you are keeping up with a regular exercise routine. Our classes are offered every day of the week, making it easy to get in the workouts you need. They are also designed for every fitness level so no matter where you are at in your journey, you will be challenged!

4) FUN FOR BABY - Not only do you get in a great workout during our classes but your kids have a great time as well! The classes provide opportunities for mom to interact with baby through games, songs, and more. And while mom is making new friends, the kids are too! They have the opportunity to start their own little friend group during and after class through our playgroups.

5) NO STRESS - Finding time to work out with a baby (or two or three) is not easy but Stroller Strides takes the stress away by allowing the kids to be a part of the workout. And if your baby is fussy during class, know that you are not alone! In a group of moms, everyone has had the crying baby at some point in time so everyone understands.

I love FIT4MOM and I know you will too! Check out what we have to offer at our Birthday Party next week - CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

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