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Oh goodness, everyone. It's been awhile, huh? The sad thing is I don't have a good excuse for not writing. Well, this post kind of discusses my "excuses" but, in short, I'm just thankful Marissa trusts that I will eventually post another blog at some point. :-D

"How do we seek out support during the stressful times while also not coming across as complaining about something that could be significantly worse? I think that when you're a parent dealing with stressful situations, it's that much more important to figure out how to handle it appropriately. WOW. That can be so hard, can't it? For me, when I'm dealing with stress, do you know what my body wants to do? My body would LOVE to just sit on the couch all day, watch some highly dramatic tv show (probably The OC or some reality TV show), and eat junk food. Do I feel like being joyful and patient? Not really." --Waiting for the Other Shoe <<NEW>> post on the blog!

Pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic after both classes today - with special treats from KIND Snacks 🍎🍌🍍 Stroller Strides - 9:30am @ Manhattan Park Stroller Barre - 11am @ Metro Health Village (meet at ITT Tech)

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